Daniel Paul Hoyland OAM joined Coolangatta Surf Life Saving Club in 1973 and completed his Bronze Medallion on 1st February that year. Danny was made a Life Member of Coolangatta SLSC in 1987, a Life Member of SLSQ in 1992, a Life Member of the Gold Coast Rescue Helicopter service in 1989 and this season Danny was honoured with Life Membership of SLSA. He is the first member of our club to ever receive such a high honour and we couldn’t be prouder.

Coolangatta SLSC
He has held the position of Club President on two occasions from 1991-94 & 2013 –2015, was Chief Instructor 1975-1976, Club Captain 1977-81, Vice-Captain 1980-81, First Aid Officer 1972-1984, Deputy President 1988-89 and is currently Vice President –Sponsorship & Marketing a role he has held since 2015. He has sat on numerous committee over his 45 years at Coolangatta and has been awarded Best Club Member on four occasions in 1976/ 77/ 78/ 79. In Jan 2016, he completed his observers certificate and became proficient in a number of awards again because he wanted to be able to contribute to the club again as a patrolling member and loves getting down to his beloved Cooly on a Saturday afternoon and patrolling with the ‘old boys’ patrol when work commitments allow it. In his patrolling career on record he has completed over 700 patrol hours of beach patrols. In his first term as Club President, Danny organised himself through media contacts a new club bus, and chased many sponsors including Jim Beam, Channel Seven. Danny is still heavily involved in sourcing sponsorships and funding for the club through various revenue streams.

Point Danger Branch
During 1975-1980 Danny held the position of Branch First Aid Officer. He was a Branch Vice President in 1991 –1993 & 2015-2017 and also sat on the Board of Surf Life Saving.

Surf Life Saving Queensland
He was a representative on the State Board between 2004 –2010 and also sat on the Honours & Awards Committee. His main involvement at a state level have been through the Helicopter rescue service where he was the Helicopter Officer from 1978 –2004.

Helicopter Rescue Service
Danny was the first Crewman (with crewman Brian Boulton Coolangatta SLSC) to fly the first Surf Patrol on the Gold Coast in the then Wales HRS. He was an original crew member who served from 1976 to 1998.

He was the Qld Helicopter Officer (Aerial Services Officer) a role that encompassed the helicopter service on both the Sunshine and Gold Coasts. In this role he was actively involved in the recruitment, training, uniforming, public relations/media, crew selection, basic initial training and assisting with the design and testing of equipment.

After the “break up” in 1991, Danny with the assistance of Gary Terrell (Pt Lookout SLSC) investigated the logistics of setting up another HRS using a Bell Jet Ranger. Danny sourced out the aircraft and pilot on behalf of the CEO Jack Mac Master, recruited the crew, selected the “new” crew, trained them, and got the Service going again on the Gold Coast…with the assistance of Gary Terrell. Danny with the assistance of John O’Hara the original Crew Captain on the Sunshine Coast, had the initial talks with the guarantor of the Sunshine Coast Service Des Scanlan at his home at the Big Cow in 1979. These talks were about the crew, training, uniforming, etc.

Danny’s devotion, commitment, dedication and loyalty to the SLSQ and both Helicopter Rescue Services is unsurpassed…. outstanding…he was passionate about the Association and the Service. In 2016/17 being the 40th year of the Helicopter service Danny was named Heli Legend #6 for his commitment to this service.

Fixed Wing Service
Danny was also the original Aerial Services Officer for the FIXED WING PLANE…VIGILANCE ONE-1991-1997. He flew the initial test flights in the aircraft with pilot Tom Ward and Garth Andrews. He assisted in the basic training, and the writing of some sections of the training manual. He holds the SLSQ Fixed Wing crewmember’s certificate number one Q1. Danny was always sourcing equipment for the Service….he wrote and personally presented the proposals to acquire a Pulseoximeter and Syringepump (Rubin Pelerman), M.A.S.T suit (Stefan), and over the years has acquired through his media contacts like the concrete for the floor of the Sunshine Coast Helicopter hangar ($11,000 worth), handheld radios and pagers (Link Telecommunications) wood/panels for the hangars, harnesses and safety survival equipment from the Safety Equipment section at the RAAF Base at Amberley, even the helmets serviced at no cost at the Air Force base, brand new television for the Gold Coast hangar.

Over the years, Danny has saved the Association thousands of dollars. He even personally approached and organised and designed the crew uniform in 1997. Danny developed a rapport with the KING GEE company and had the crew uniform specially designed for the crew including caps, tee shirts, sports shirts, socks, shorts and flying suits. It saved the Association at least $15,000 per year…these uniforms were given to the crew, in Danny’s mind, as a form of appreciation and thanks for dedicating their time and effort and “risk.” He was always thinking of the crew.

Surf Life Saving Australia
Danny also held the position of National Aerial Services Officer (Australia) 1984-86 and 1990-1991 assisted with the writing and research of the National Training manual, visited Services around Australia (Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide, Victoria) and completed inspections and proficiencies. Danny also attended the Australian Surf Life Saving Educational Tour and World Congress/Titles in Sydney 1976, Vancouver Canada 1986, Gold Coast 1988 and West Germany Lubeck 1990.

Other Honours

  • Order of Australia Medal for services to Surf Life Saving 1992
  • Order of St John Medal for services to humanity 1988
  • Certificate of Merit -International Life Saving Federation August 1999

Danny’s commitment and service to the Surf Life Saving movement have been exemplary. He has shown outstanding loyalty at all levels of the organisation. At one stage Danny was effetely doing Club Captain, Branch First Aid Officer, State Helicopter Officer and National Aerial Services Officer all at once.