At the annual Point Danger Branch awards night, held on August 1st 2020, a few of our members were recongised for their contribution towards surf life saving.

Belinda Doman (pictured above) PDB volunteer of the year
Belinda has contributed to his club throughout the season dedicating time to a number of areas within the Club

  • Current Chief Training Officer, U9 Age Manager, Patrol Captain, Trainer/Assessor, Junior Activities Education Officer, Management Committee, Junior Activities Committee, Lifesaving Selection Committee, Awards Committee, Membership Committee, Youth Development Committee, Constitution Committee (CSLSC)
    – PDB Education Officer
    – Trainer/Assessor/Facilitator
    – PDB Board of Life Saving
    – PDB Meritorious Awards Committee
    – PDB Constitution Committee
    – SLSQ Education Panel
    – SLSQ Admin & IT Committee
  • SLSA National Leaders Masterclass and Sport Australia Women’s Leaders in Sport Workshop and received the associated scholarship
  • We could be here for hours listing Belinda’s achievements from the last season!

PDB masters athlete of the year
Gary Gee

Gary joined CSLSC in 2017.

  • Gary’s Branch Championship results included 2 GOLD, 1 SILVER AND 2 BRONZE
  • He shares his skills and knowledge and assists with the training of his fellow team mates

Marg Cargnoni (pictured below) PDB team manager of the year

  • Marg is very busy with her club duties along with being Team Manager
  • Completes carnivals entries for all boat carnivals
  • Coordinates the fundraising efforts for representative teams
  • Assists with the scheduling of all training sessions and the use of boats and the club gym to avoid clashes with other crews
  • Is responsible for booking accommodation for all team members for away carnivals
  • Arranging transportation for the team and craft for all events as well as coordinating gear and equipment for carnivals and servicing and maintenance of same
  • Is in charge of carnival setup and pack up (meaning she is first on the beach and last off)