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Coolangatta Surf Life Saving Club has members of all ages. Nippers is for children aged 5 to 13, which we see these as the future of our Club. For those a little older, there is Active Senior / Past Active, Active reserve (over 18 years), Active Cadet; Juniors, Long service and Life members many of whom regularly conduct Beach Patrols. In addition, we also have Associate members who do not patrol but are greatly valued by their general support and involvement in many other facets of the Club. Coolangatta Surf Life Saving Club can present young people with many opportunities for self development and growth. Not only can they make new friends, but important skills and values that can help them throughout their lives. Our club encourages teamwork, volunteering, leadership and community services.

How to join

as a new member

Go to
Follow the Prompts (detailed instructions)

Select Surf Life Saving Club
– Select Surf Life Saving QLD
– Search “Coolangatta” (view screenshot)

Payment of membership fees can be processed through online portal.


Bring a completed membership form into the CSLSC office, you can also contact us to make other arrangements.


How to renew

annual membership

Go to
Follow the Prompts (detailed instructions)

If you don’t have an online portal account follow the portal account creation guide to create one

Membership fees:
View the membership fees for the 2019/ 2020 season. Don’t forget to renew before 5th August 2019 to take advantage of our early bird fees!


Bring a completed membership form into the CSLSC office, you can also contact us to make other arrangements.

Blue cards

Compulsory for all members 18+

Copies of ID must be certified by a Justice of the Peace/Commissioner for Declarations/Lawyer or Police Officer. Interstate drivers licence holders must acquire a Customer Registration Number from the Qld Dept of Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

Exemption applications for Qld Police and Teachers must be renewed every three years. Members linking to an existing Qld Bluecard with another organisation will need to submit their current account number or Bluecard number.

Please send your completed application together with your certified ID to club administration at

Download the Blue Card Application Form or form to Link an Applicant or Cardholder

Members can use the online application portal: Blue Card Online Application Portal but you must ensure you have a QLD Licence or CRN number.

Member benefits

  • Get fit, stay fit
  • Fun and family friendly
  • Learn new life skills
  • Patrol with mates and save lives
  • Give to and protect the community
  • Teach kids surf safety and important life skills
  • Special needs surf life program – bluebottles
  • Undertake fully accredited training
  • Gain nationally accredited awards (CPR, First aid, bronze medallion)
  • Pathways to future careers
  • Be a member of a recognised emergency service organisation
  • Opportunities to compete in surf life saving and surf sports events
  • Access to coaching in surf boats, swim, board, ski, running
  • Structured youth program (YIP’S)
  • Regular member social functions
  • Access to gymnasium
  • Participate in coaching sessions under our professional coaches
  • Join the weekly ocean swimming group
  • Make lifelong friends
  • Access to great facilities on the beach front
  • Opportunities to gain surf sports coaching, officiating
  • A role for everyone no matter your skill level or interest
  • Be a member of Australia’s largest volunteer organisation
  • Great member discount on food and beverages at the Surf Club Coolangatta
Membership Categories

Membership Categories

Nipper (Under 8 – Under 14) – Included in Family

Croc (Under 6 and Under 7) – Included in Family In relation to membership categories, our Club provides for the following types of membership and the following minimum qualifications for each category:

Probationary Member shall be the designation of any person for the time period between applying for membership and the gaining of an award and/or the granting of a formal category membership by the appropriate Club committee. Note: Probationary members are not Individual Members for the purposes of the Articles of Association of SLSA.

Junior Activity Member (Nipper) shall be a minimum age of 5 years up to a maximum age of 14 years on a seasonal basis (age for a season is determined as at midnight on the 30 September at the commencement of that season), and such person shall be required to gain the relevant Junior Activity Certificate for that person’s age group. Please click here to go to the Nippers Page for all your Junior Activities Member information and relative forms.

Cadet Member shall be subject to the age qualification as defined in the Association’s Manuals and has obtained the Surf Rescue Certificate in that season or passed an annual proficiency test.

Active Members shall be Bronze Medallion holders and shall fulfill the full patrol and Club obligations, as provided by the Association and the Club Constitution and By-Laws, and shall qualify in an annual proficiency test each season, unless the member has obtained his Bronze Medallion in that Season.

Reserve Active Membership – i) may be granted by a Club to Active Members who have satisfactorily completed (from the gaining of the Bronze Medallion) at least eight (8) years of patrol and Club obligations as provided by the Association and Club Constitution and By-Laws. Reserve Active Membership shall not be automatic, but shall be granted by resolution of the appropriate Club body; ii) members shall perform a minimum of patrols in each club where they hold Reserve Active membership, as required by SLSA, and further patrol duties at the discretion of the Club management; iii) members shall complete the Annual Proficiency Test. Note: Notwithstanding (i) above Reserve Active Membership may be granted under exceptional circumstances to Active Members irrespective of years of service.

Long Service Membership – i) may be granted by a Club to members who have completed ten (10) years active service or to members who have completed eight (8) years active service plus four (4) years reserve active service; ii) members shall be exempted from all patrol obligations and may be granted other special privileges of membership as provided in the Club Constitutions and By-Laws; iii) should such members join another affiliated club the receiving club shall determine if such member’s Long Service shall be recognised by that club.

Award Membership – i) may be granted by a Club to persons who are proficient holders of an SLSA Award of one or more of the following qualifications – Surf Rescue Certificate (over 15 years of age), Radio Award(s), Resuscitation Certificate, Advanced Resuscitation Certificate or First Aid Award(s) (or equivalent); ii) members may be called upon to perform patrols and/or other Club obligations commensurate with their qualifications, and provided they so do, shall then be eligible for voting rights as approved and minuted by the Club.

Associate Membership – i) may be granted by a Club to a person who may or may not be the holder of an Association award; ii) does not entitle such member to voting rights unless elected to office or a position which is provided with voting rights by the Club Constitution or By-Laws; iii) shall have a joining and/or annual membership fee substantially greater than fees for other categories of Club membership. Honorary Membership may be granted annually by a club to persons who may or may not hold an SLSA award. and is not entitled to voting rights. Life Membership may be granted by Clubs and/or Branches to members who have rendered extraordinary, outstanding, conspicuous, distinguished or special service to the club and the member has unselfishly completed a minimum of 15 years (subject to approval by the Life members/executive committee) . Refer By-Law 1.3 of the Constitution

Past Active Membership – i) may be granted by a Club to persons who hold an SLSA Bronze Medallion, and been an active patrol member for a minimum of 3 years. ii) may have voting rights at the discretion of the Club Council